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Welcome to our school

Abercorn Secondary School is a Glasgow Secondary School for pupils who have additional support needs.  The school is situated on Garscube Road near Cowcaddens Underground.

We aim to create a happy, safe school where pupils are encouraged to achieve their potential.  Trusting relationships, mutual respect and empowerment form the basis of our school community.  Pupils are given the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills which will enable them to seek information and support them throughout their lives. 

Our main objective is raising attainment achieved through an imaginative, creative curriculum which responds to the particular needs of pupils and the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic communities in which they live.  The curriculum provides realistic challenging tasks that are progressive, measurable and understood by pupils.  This motivates our young people to become successful learners who are determined to achieve high standards.

Before transfer to Abercorn, evidence of prior attainment and progress in learning is gathered. 

Personal Learning Planning charts the progress of every child.  This process states learning outcomes, indicates resources and identifies appropriate differentiation.  A multi-agency team supports planning for children with more complex needs.  Annual Reviews involving parents, pupils and appropriate agencies form part of this process.

Subjects adhere to Local and National Guidelines.  A comprehensive programme of National Qualifications ensures that the young people of Abercorn attain appropriate certification.

English, Maths, Science, Technology, Art, Music, Modern Studies, PE, Home Economics, PSHE, RE and ICT which includes Social and Vocational Skills and Enterprise in Education contribute to a broad, balanced curriculum.  Literacy and numeracy are targeted within effective learning and teaching.

Central to pupils’ self-development are Personal, Social and Health Education and Social and Vocational Skills Courses.  Embedded in these is a progressive programme of outdoor activities and residential trips which develops positive relationships, partnership working and encourages the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Certification for all is vital and progressive courses from Access 1 – Intermediate 2 are offered.  Occasionally pupils achieve higher units in practical subjects to ensure that pupil needs are met.  ASDAN courses supplement SQA certification.  Senior pupils access work experience, vocational programmes and relevant college placements. 

Through subject teaching, support groups, health promotion, Enterprise in Education and physical activity, our aspirations for the pupils of Abercorn are that they will become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society.

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