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On 23rd January 6 of our pupils had the chance to try indoor climbing at the Glasgow Climbing Centre in Govan.  This was a great opportunity and something our young folk were very keen to learn.  The event was organised by the PE department with help of Neil Maher (an old pupil) and his dad.  They are members of Glasgow Gorillas - a youth organisation that promotes indoor and outdoor climbing across Scotland.   

Pupils were escorted to the centre after school and all the necessary equipment was provided.  There were initial safety talks and then pupils were let loose on the wall!


Ready to go: The group being prepped on safety.


This was a good confidence building experiece for our pupils and everyone returned with a great sense of achievement.  Some of the heights our pupils reached were pretty incredible with John Paul almost reaching the top of one of the steeper walls. 


Awkward: Jack finds himself in a difficult position!


Building Confidence: Bella working on her footholds.


King of the Castle: John Paul just about at the top!


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