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Blairvadach Trip

On June 10th 31 pupils from Abercorn school attended Blairvadach Outdoor Education Centre where they participated in a week of outdoor activities.  There were various options on offer including gorge walking, abseiling, raft building, canoeing, fishing and hill climbing.

From the get go pupils were encouraged to take part in a as much as possible and 6 trained instructors each managed a group of our pupils throughout the week.

Buckets: William and Embeth studying the pond life.
Water Fun: Kyle and Akash canoeing on Loch Ard


Slightly creepy: Pupils come across a tunnel during a gorge walk.


Made it!: Pupils reach the summit of Conic Hill.


All out pupils came back with great stories to tell and the experience has been a big confidence booster for everyone involved.  Many thanks to the dedicated instructors who arranged the activities and to the teachers who travelled (and participated!) with our pupils.    

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