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Boardgames and Roleplaying Club

This year Abercorn pupils have been attending a club on Wednesday evenings where they have learned how to play various classic strategy games.   The recent surge in interest in such pass times has meant a lot of our young people are curious to learn what it’s all about.

The club was initially focused on playing through various different board games.  The rule sets of these types of strategy games can be very complex and it was great to see how well pupils took to them.   They also teach a lot of important skills such as turn taking, mental arithmetic, strategy formation and bidding. 

Colonising: Nathan and Matthew consider trades in Catan. Skyline 3000: A group favourite.


Some of the games played so far: Oregon, Pandemic, The Mines of Zavandor, Settlers of Catan, Black Hat, Skyline 3000, Warriors and Traders, Risk.


Confusing: Warriors and Traders set up and ready to go.


More recently, pupils have become interested in the classic Dungeons and Dragons role playing game.  This game was originally produced in 1974 and has seen a resurgence in popularity recently.  It is a form of rule based interactive story-telling, where players take on the role of different characters and work together to solve puzzles and complete quests.   Asides from being great fun, it is an excellent way to stimulate pupils’ creativity and improve their social skills.  The pupils who play have forged strong friendships and often meet up outside school to continue their adventures.   

Enthralled: Dungeon Master Connor takes players on a trip through his imagination.


Passionate: Nathan, Sean and Johnathan not too happy about a Dungeon Master decision.


Learning: Connor makes sure to include new players in the adventure.


DnD Dice from Top to Bottom: 6 sided, 8 sided, 100 sided (units),12 sided, 20 sided, 100 sided (tens).

Smiles: Shinead and Connor watching things unfold.

On 29th May, the group is attending ‘West End Games’ (a comic shop and social space in the west end of Glasgow) where they will have the chance to meet other players from the local area and play together.  

Trip Out: Pupils are looking forward to their visit to West End Games.


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